Pete's poems from the night.

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A thoughtful moment.

A beacon hails the eve
Birds end their encore
Waves take up the music
As they lap upon the shore.

Slowly the sun descends
Igniting a fiery sky
Transformed to silver hue
As Luna rides high.

Diamond studs glint
Late of twilight
Ancient ones take shape
To enact a story this night.

Meteoric lights
Brief in their lasting
From clashing titans
Source of their casting.

Thunderous clouds from
Mighty feet and felled beast
Shield man's eyes to brilliance
Of heavenly energies unleashed.

Sinuous fingers of light
Point in erratic destruction
As godly forces in struggle
Overspill vaporous protection.

Borne is the furious wind
From sword and powerful stroke
Such thoughts of a falling sky
Once aroused a panic to provoke.

Fools in their sufferance
Denied themselves a splendour
Retreating behind their doors
Trembling upon sound of thunder.

As with man there will always be
A fear of death and existence
While a growing ignorance leads
To the path of least resistance.