Pete's poems from the night.

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Parasitic love.

The cacophonous sound and epileptic light show
Disturbs not the thoughts of one deep in mind
All about creatures celebrate mutual hedonism
Cavorting amidst a horror to which they are blind.

A figure interrupts this sovereigns mindful solitude
Lord of a stark emotionless realm that exists within
Her body is a silhouette dancing suggestive and rude
Awakening again a desire to furnish my empty dominion.

A prophesy of failure from my distant humanity
Though still I follow her,to her last wilful act
We dance feeling with our bodies writhing together
Aroused creatures within begin to react.

An invitation is replied with a solemn gesture
A ride home consists of her nervous chatter
Her life so trivial,visions of death on a floor
In another life we could be lovers,now I hunger.

We enter a first and last time,for one to leave
Resuming our rhythmic writhing while disrobing
She pushes away to dance and seduce,I am Adam to her Eve
Her body her smell her groans my senses all absorbing.

Her eyes close as my skin ripples as a disturbed pool
Veins increasingly active ever excited to feed
Pain as skin is stretched from within my whole
Conscience aches from warnings I did not heed.

My limbs outstretched as pulled by unseen bondages
Finally synchronous eruptions bring a sweet relief
I need not see as before have I witnessed this image
Tearful memory from blind eyes show a human grief.

Blind tendrils taste the air sensing prey is near
A stifled scream a knowing dull thud to the floor
Her mind chose not to comprehend but close in fear
From within a solace comes regret that will endure.

Serpents gently tap as they glide over her limp form
They pause then as one movement plunge beneath skin
Her eyes open she screams till the coming dawn
Pulsating veins feed a struggling heart within.

Feeding brings exquisite yet tainted pleasure
Shown by a confused smile upon my lips
I long to feel a satisfaction so pure
Though I know this need will never loosen it's grip.

My sight returns as do my tendril horde
Exhausted I fall to my knees as they return inside
I cry as a child requiring a mothers comfort
As I belong to no one I merely flee and hide.

So for each day passing for love I care less
Retreating further within my familiar domain
Finding the comfort sought in the darkness
I have removed the eyes to see a caring hand.