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Finnegan's Horse – the end

Finnegan's horse heard on the grape vine
The local mafia were in a bit of tizzy
Trying hard to find who was leaking
Deepest secrets to the local bizzies
Nobody suspected
Finnegan's horse
As he trod
His steady course
And day by day month by month
Over a decent period of time
Statistics were showing
More detected crime
And finally it was decided
The area was so safe
Even the home secretary
Dare show his face
With only a dozen local minders
And thirty or so body guards
To keep him safe as he made a speech
Then quickly rush back Londonwards
Finnegan's horse caught the talk
As he plodded majestically past
And to pay his sincere deep respects
Broke wind with a resounding blast
And the national press
Of course
Paid their respects
To Finnegan's horse
Saying how privileged
It was to be there
To hear two separate
Sources of hot air
And Finnegan's horse was pensioned off
Swearing blind it was an accident
No disrespect
Was really meant
And Harry Finnegan still loved his horse
But not in any carnal way of course

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Finnegan`s Horse – the end