Pete's poems from the night.

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Pole dancing angel.

Jumping from one ever decreasing cloud to another
Fading moments growing ever so further apart
Though through all my efforts into forgetfulness I fall
The watery depths within a sedated heart.

Floating in a feeling of aqueous anaesthesia
For memory cannot exist at such depths
Dreams are stripped of their component parts
Allowing my mind to only wander in subconscious.

A light in the murk awakens my eyes
Out of focus and shimmering it glides to me
As a glowing profusion engulfs my view
Soft features of a face within this flower I see.

I ask her if she is an angel come for me
Though my mouth has barely opened to ask
Reality is distorted in a pulsating light
Ears receive a relentless sonic blast.

My view slowly glides back to darkness
Inside an unfelt comfort I feel once more
After seemingly countless time I am me again
Sensing all that I had lost as before.

I feel a warmth given only by another's body
As light appears in my eyes like a sunrise
Details of features are processed in my mind
For it is the face of the angel I realise.

I scramble away from one thought my saviour
Accusing in confusion of intentions desired
A hurtful expression transforms her face
As her charitable act is compromised.

In anger she throws me the tools of oblivion
Though without help I could not go back
In this disorder of feeling all I can do is cry
Her outlook softens at my anxiety attack.

Her hand cups my face a thumb wipes a tear
Looking up to see we are alone under the night sky
I do not care from where she came this angel of mercy
As we hug like old friends with no need to lie.

Like so many pre dawn hours we met
Sharing the joke of which we were the punchline
Then came the call to put away all rebellion
And close the closet to fall in line.

I'm still here though awaiting my dancing angel
Sometimes I look up at those clouds when it rains
Blinking as each drop lands upon my smiling face
Coursing over my cheeks like watery veins.