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The Angels

I can always say I knew.
I can always say that I was there
When whatever went down, went down.
When whatever feelings were made clear.
When angels flew above the heads of football players
And I had the audacity
To claim that I was still brainsick from the long drive.
I knew better.
Saying such things were meaningless.
I know that when something tingles before my eyes,
I'll know who it is.
But I will always cry,
For what am I to do with gifts
That I can share with no one?
I know cold.
I know angels.
And I know the two together
That make quite a beautiful image,
When the ice is sticking to my windshield
And the vision is blurry,
The image I see will not be regarded as
A figment of my imagination,
I will know an angel has touched down.
I will know that an angel has come and gone,
And who can I share these visions with?

I used to fear that which I could not identify in the dark,
But now I fear the beings that I can identify.
And the spirits like that much better.

October 27, 2004

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The Angels

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