Pete's poems from the night.

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Snow globe.

The snow globe is shaken.

My thoughts,impossible to control
Incomplete flying in erratic direction
Slowed they are within my perspective
An aqueous mind lacking lucid connection.

Snow swirling violently.

Conversations attack like a sonic strobe
That are painful with my irritation
From a simple question of sincerity
Comes an emotional response of accusation.

Snow slows to drift.

The walls of selfish reliance caved in
Flooding my mind with suppressed tears
Emotionally numb and weary, though
A love found becomes an intense fear.

Snow begins to fall.

Film constitutes an imagination barren
Reality has poisoned with every purchase
The burning hope is never quenched
Though desired a quick fix for happiness.

Snow begins to settle.

Being my own imposter feeding upon praise
For someone no longer able to receive
Though a seed of clarity grows to bloom
From another's kind choice to believe.

Snow has settled.

Such as I know a fragile world is a snow globe
For I now steady the hands that hold my thoughts
Knowing I shall again await for them to settle
Upon a mind of which this thought brings comfort.