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I've found a little place
At the bottom of our street
A temporal anomaly where
Worlds in parallel meet.
I keep the key safely
Where no one else can find
It's  hidden in a recess
In the depths of my mind.
The first time that I went there
I couldn't believe what I saw.
It's a place of flagrant green
In a time of dinosaurs.
I have walked with the herds
Roved across the land,
Never seen a sign or hint
Of the existence of a man.
It's either in the future
And we were never there
Or in the past before our time
But I just don't really care.
For I have seen the dinosaurs
In all their splendid might;
Seen moving herds extending
Far beyond my sight.
I can hear them calling
In a world of different sound
I'm sure that they are talking
As they leisurely move around.
I don't know if they see me
They don't bother if they do
Perhaps I'm so small and puny
They don't believe I'm true.
If ever there was an Eden
Green and full and sweet,
I think that I have found it
In that anomaly down our street.

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