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I think I’ve lost my Eden.
I just didn't understand
The dinosaurs were watching
Me slip in and out their land;
Saw me flitting to and fro
Saw where I came in
And where I went to go.
When I open the portal
I thankfully do it with care
And today when I tried
The herd was waiting there.
They surged quickly towards me,
But thankfully too late
As purely by reflex action
I managed to close the gate.
If any had got through here
They just wouldn’t survive,
Being hunted down
Till none were left alive.
Imagine the effect on man to find
A wholly unspoilt parallel land
There to be exploited.
In our urge to expand
It doesn’t really matter
What goes to the wall
So long as mankind
Controls it all.
Two worlds possibly destroyed,
One by the other’s greed,
One by natural aggression
And conflicting species needs
I cannot take the risk
Of the gate being breached;
I have destroyed the key
Putting it out of reach.
I have lost my Eden
But in my great despair
Recall all the happy hours
Of freedom I spent there.
I have walked with Dinosaurs
Mingled with their bands
Shared their freedom
And their Eden Land.

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Eden Lost