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November Sunset 2004

The sun threw a path across the water last night
Making even the dour Humber shimmer and glow;
A carpet red road to infinity that seemed
To call and tease and invite me to go
Walk across it
To the other side.
Surely your faith will buoy you
And this river isn't so wide:
And if your faith should fail you
And the river drag you down
Your life may flash before you
As you slowly surely drown.
The cold water will caress you
Bringing body numbing release
Before you finally slip
Into your eternal peace.
How blissful and kind.
A totally blank easy mind.
I had to shake my head hard.
Make those thoughts go away.
Thank you father sun,
But it's not my dying day.
I have too much joy
From my being here
Thank you for helping
Make that so clear.
I certainly won't forget
This particular sunset.
A black cloud drifted lazily by
Completely wiping sun from sky
And that red road in a trice was gone
Leaving me there by that river side.
That looked so dark and bleak
And deep and cold and wide
And I knew it was
So completely right
To return once again
To the light.

November Sunset 2004



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