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Three Kind Angels

You three kind angels,
How you've been plopped
In a lifestyle so unfair.
You were dropped in my lap
And I love those smiles
That you three produce.

Whereas your mom fails to care,
I am pulling the responsibility,
For my love is full of power.
Can I make it all better?
I don't know but I can
Make it more bearable.

This I do for you with love,
And I expect nothing in return,
Except your love.

Though everything is changing
Before your little eyes,
I will try to be here for you
Whereas some people leave
And return, sporadically.
I shall never hurt you,
In such ways.

I shall never lay harm on you.
I'm generous with my love for you
Three kind angels.

December 1, 2004

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Three Kind Angels

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