Said I'm perfect, with my nose kissing the sky
think your stupid, my feet kick your sand
you think your special, begging for my dime
Ive got plenty of money, but your not worth my time
Your a dog
picking through my scraps
of what I consider trash
your calenders meant to change
to the 13th month
called in your grave
and I'm so perfect
walking up to my suit
with my business suit on
Ive gotten a secretary
who works for cock
and she gets me my Joe too
while your sitting, making pity
I'm snuffing down,
getting blown looking pretty
so no you cannot have my dime
your a wasted paper in my pocket
not worth my time

I hear you clanking down the street
Ive heard you a mile away
your voice is always BOOMING
over the folks your using
your just another f--ked up life
who's thinking moneys gonna lite your face
I see you look at me
like ya wanna cut me down
stand up over me
smudging cigarettes in my ground
I didn't make this life
I was gave this life
but your ears are useless to me
you hear with your eyes
and you bath with your lies
concerned about all these little gadgets
that you stash in your pocket
your clone smells worst than me
but your pretty stylish indeed
Ive seen your type before
your nailed down to a chapter in a book
that ain't make but a sentence in mine
all big time,
daddy paid my college bill f--ker
getting to drink all night with your brothers
taking others money
making em look like a--holes
but your the one thats spread open wide
with society's big prick
inscribed on the inside
ya walk like it too
just a bum in my book
and I'm amused

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