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Finnegan's horse - the return??

Those folk in Finnegan's village not yet in the land of nod
May have heard down the lane a steady plod plod plod
As Finnegan's horse ambled towards the village green
For a very secret meeting with an agent of the Queen.
The crime rate again was climbing in Finnegan's old home town;
Did Finnegan's' horse know any ways of how to slow it down?
Could Charlie be persuaded
To start his round again?
And if he would consider it
How and where and when?
Finnegan's horse was thinking;
He'd had some very irksome days,
With no draughts in his stable;
He was bored  with first class hay.
Finnegan was also bored .
He knew that to be true
So he said he'd have a word
And see what he could do.
For Charlie Finnegan loved his horse
Though not in any carnal sense of course.

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Finnegan`s horse - the return??