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Finnegan's Horse – Full Circle

Life goes full circle Charlie Finnegan thought,
Admiring his newly refurbished vending cart;
Spick and span with racy lines, a proper seat,
Digital till, weatherproofed, state of the art
Mean lean street ready selling machine.
And here I am back in the old game,
Only me and the nag are the same.
Finnegan's horse stifled a chortle.
Old Charlie didn't know of course
But standing between those shafts
Was a veritable living Bionic Horse;
From the communications pointof view,
With video cams and blue tooth sets,
Fully primed and satellite linked
To all the local police comms nets.
They would always know his position
Within a radius of ten point two feet
On demand any time of day or night
And every bit so wonderfully neat.
And to ease the boredom,
If trade was slow and idle
He'd got radio one
Through his bridle.
Let's get on the road
It's nearly time
To continue the fight
Against rising crime.
Would their cunning plan still work?
It was after all a whole year
Since Charlie's last ride around;
But the police needn't have feared:
At every corner there were lines
And very excited citizens queues
All there to say hello,
Excited by the news
That Yoghurt and Milk were back
And Charlie Finnegan rode again.
Tears could be seen in the eyes
Of even the hardest of the men
Cos they all loved Old Charlie
And his horse
Though not in any carnal way
Of course

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