Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god


Must be easy to criticize me.
So much more honest,
So much more better than you
For I can walk away from your childish quarrels
While you hang onto them,
Drawing the life out of them,
While you tell me to be nicer,
You go and chat about me behind my back.
Nasty remarks, or maybe just angered ones.
You must feel so righteous,
To get out your infuriated words about me
When I am no longer present…or no longer caring!
Sure, it bothered me in the beginning,
Sent a trill of terror in my heart
But in the end, I come out better.
Because I know how to forgive and forget.
And I forgive your tastelessness,
And I can forget your mean words
And go on to become a better me.
It must be easy to criticize me
When you know I don't give two sh!ts.

January 19, 2005

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