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Aphrodite's Broken Heart

This poem is based on the fictional Aphrodite.In her relentless pursue of love she got tired and let doubt and hatred take control. She find them to be more faithful and forthcoming. She found hatred to be much easier to love than love itself.

Because I pursued love,
    hatred pursued me,
But pursued he much stronger
 and overtook my civility,
Because I believed in love,
    hatred to me lied,
and with chains of bitterness,
    my love he tied.
Because of true happiness,
 and the paradise I sought,
Revenge the Devil sold,
 in my heart I brought,
So for all of love's riches,
  which I do adorn,
But hate burns much deeper
 and last forever more.
So when hate pursued me,
I grew weary and slowed up,
And let things evil and detestable
  fill my empty cup,
Until it overflowed
 and the bare ground kissed,
And washed away the tears,
 and all of my gentleness.
So goodbye O Love!  
 me you'll never again see,
Because I have fallen in love with Hatred,
 For all eternity.

copyrights 2005
Robert Anthony James  

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Aphrodite's Broken Heart



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