Poetry From The Heart by Barbara Ann Smith 
  Barbara Ann Smith

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 A Touch Of Heaven

The sun glides up above the trees
to crack my eyelids open to see.
Your beauty surrounds everywhere,
lush trees, birds chirping here and there.
A blue sky peeks in on me
gives me a feeling I'm free.

The rays hit upon my bed,
pulls the laziness out of my head.
A baby lamb cries for its mother;
a rooster flaps its wings in a flutter.
A spider web hangs on a ledge
its snuggled in it - maybe it's dead.

The lilies suck up the dew;
a cow stands in the field gnaws its chew.
The newspaper man hums a song,
I feel my day will be free of wrongs.
There's one thing I know--
Your love brings me a special glow.

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