Wanderlino Arruda

Glory to the race,
glory to the color,
glory to the beauty of the form.
Glory, glory,
that the negro earned,
glory, glory, that the negro deserves,
soul and life of our Brazil!

Three hundred years since the valiant Zumbi,
three centuries past brave warrior,
three centuries of the growing negro nation,
in the drudgery of slavery,
in the fight for space in our greater culture:
the dance,
the food,
the music,
the cheerful irreverence
active intelligence and freedom,
the natural joy of an innocent act of being
that represents Brazil.

Glory to the arts of Aleijadinho,
glory to the poetry of Gonçalves Dias,
glory to the romance of Machado de Assis,
glory to the voice of Milton Nascimento,
glory to the feet of Pelé.
Glory to the samba of our Carnival.
Together, linked, in history,
all they, and much more
form the real Brazil,
with life and citizenship.

Bless the race that gives color and life
to our great Brazil!

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