Wanderlino Arruda

Keep me, O Lord.
Make me, Lord, know Your ways,
free me from the tribulations of the heart,
teach me Your green ways.
Don't keep distance from me.
I know that the just will inherit the earth,
because the mouths of the just pronounce wisdom
and You make them exult in joy,
as You help me see Your ways.
Show me always, Lord,
show me wonders of Your goodness.
Your words are transparent,
the fortress of faith,
light and color of my salvation.
In Your hands,
receiving my days,
with the breath of goodness.

Each day I will adore You.
Lord, at all times,
Your name will be on my lips.
I'll look for peace,
I'll search for it.
Always watching myself,
applauding with my heart, exulting.
My body will rest, singing Your hymns.
I'll trust my path to You,
chanting psalms and singing praise.
That is why, in the morning,
every morning,
I present You my prayer
and wait.

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