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one sided dialogue

They were too young in this pub
I shouldn't have been there.
No place at all really for a man
With long silver grey hair.
So you're a poet mister
What good do you do?
I said sonny sometimes we poets
Do most of your crying for you.
We tell how it is,
Use a little bit of mirth,
To maybe make you learn
Just a bit about this earth .
You know old son
It won't be so nice
If we don't somehow
Stop melting the ice.
Can you imagine every night
Going off to your bed
With oxygen tanks
Close to your head
Just in case of
Extra high tides
And you need air in case
You get trapped there inside.
How about thinking of
Going there by train
Less C O 2 and less
Of that Acid rain.
A poet like me,
What do we do?
Just to try to make it more likely
That you up and coming kids
Don't make the mistakes
The previous lots did.
Learn the difference
Between greed
So you see son that's what we do,
Try and make you see the worth
Of standing up and fighting
For good old mother earth.
Ah heck son
You just made me think.
Away to the bar kid
And buy me a drink.

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one sided dialogue