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Refugee Story

Those are my shoes
I keep then neat
To remind of when
I had both feet;
But I am alive
Not like my brother
Nor abused and traumatised
Like my sisters and mother.
I've not seen my father
Since that day
They came and took
Us both away.
They said they were fighting
To set us free
But what they did before
They took father and me?
They didn't tell
That all around
They'd scattered mines
On the ground.
When I escaped
I stood on one
I lost both feet
With one leg gone;
But I survived
I'm lucky they say
One of the few
That got away.
They say with luck
I'll soon walk
But I don't believe I'll ever
Ever ever want to talk.
They are very nice to me here
In this camp, so very kind.
They leave me in peace
To gather my mind.
They are teaching me to write
So maybe one day I can tell
About my life and times
In captives hell.
I won't go to church
Or sing hymns or pray
They were believers they said
Who took me and father away.

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Refugee Story