I feel one night,
felt the moons shine
taking away the frost
making me feel alright
and then Mr.Wells approached from East 44th
showing me the flier
a revolutionary war
I said who we fighting Mr. Wells,
get me my sword,
I'm just a robot in your eyes,
ain't worth nothing to die for
Mr. Wells reached in his pocket,
gave me my heart,
activated by color,
she raced with the moon
A dandy Mr. Wells,
that sure looks great
now put me in the tank
give me a little weight
Mr.Wells proceeded,
to find me someone to kill,
a thrill seeking journey
relieved of my Will.
And he gathered up five here,
a dozen more in Desmoins,
had us following his sandprints
and blowing up his lines
He took us to foreign places,
lands wed never seen
Got us gals to play with
gave us joints of weed
and I stared up smiling
their is a God indeed,
as the clouds form their Jelly
good to finally be free
But Wells had us scammed
we was in his little trap
seemed, he'd corrupted the Government
to put himself on track
And I'm supposed to be a Countryman
with my eyes stringed to his tips
I'm supposed to inflict my head
with self consciousness
but I cant escape to
that land I knew befores
Because Wells had burnt it down
Thats what we were fighting for

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