Pete's poems from the night.

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My first.

Dank walls of suffocation
Withdrawing my breath
Sucking all imaginations
Till there is nothing left.

Reasons for my squalor
Are lost in scant reminisce
Such as this life passing
A dull pain one forgets.

Far removed from feeling
Cold from constant misery
Once only did pain relieve
Though now does not affect me.

A small square of light above
Once played with my hope
Foolishly held within a decay
Till a voice in my head spoke.

It said 'Love me like no other
So I can fulfil your dreams
To render such a lowly life
Far from what it seems.'

'Within your mind hold me.'
Senses burn from loves heat
A body overcome with emotions
A desire to make complete.

With what was once lost
Between the bricks of my prison
Now feelings run wild
With blood coursing within.

Feeling eyes upon me
Halts my euphoria
I search the gloom till
My eyes fall upon her.

At first a ghostly form
More tangible as she nears
Eyes never leaving mine
As she glides upon air.

Fear tells me to flee,though
Reason knows not where
I yield accepting my fate
Falling deeply into her stare.

Her lips brush my ear
As she whispers her troth
'Feel your heart pained
For the last time my love.'

She finds my heart
Her hands close round
As teeth puncture my neck
To her am I bound.

My chest stutters and heaves
From such pain and pleasure
My neck arches to her feeding
An eternal kiss to treasure.

She cuts her breast
She guides my thirst
She feeds my hunger
She is my love,my first.