Pete's poems from the night.

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Night out with a vampire.

Riding upon the eddys
Of human breath
Tasting the air choosing for whom
To bring death
As a predator stalking the edge of the herd
I swoop down upon my prey like a magnificent bird.

The outcast loner
Is the one I seek
Out on the edge
so weak
This soul will not be missed
as a person
To leave him his anguish
could only worsen.

Those I choose life has passed by
For these are more willing to die
They make no move to flee
Their blood offers itself to me.

For a moment they feel wanted
they'll not leave
Not knowing or caring of someone
to grieve
This sacrifice of life surely
would surpass
Attempting to fit in
with the vacuous class.

So I shall look forward to the next sunset,content
Knowing I'll once again
feed upon those
you people resent.