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~Time To Smell The Roses~
(Free Style)

Take time to see around you
So much that we take for granted
We all miss those little things
Which mean much more in life

We blindly make our way sometimes
Not knowing where we are
Not knowing for sure how or  when to stop
Or what at the end of the rainbow waits for us

Most of the time the world seems,
For us such a confusing and  lonely place
We want so much more all the time
Than what in the present we might have

Things come and go with the speed of time
Rushing and groaning the days are drifting by
Adept the fingers of time never pause for a moment
In time  leafing continual  pages of joys and of…sorrows

We should learn to stop for a moment
From our very busy lives and take a look around
And really see what we might be missing all the time
Everyday of our lives when we're in pursue of other things

We should learn to stop for a moment
And really smell the roses that are paved in our way
To stop for a moment and appreciate everybody
That God had given us to love and care everyday

The world spins around and never stops,
For you and me things may  not be always right
Always something missing always something lacking
Out of life, in the distance we hear the peals of laughs

Smiles leave reflections clamoring for much more
Much more than what we perceive and seek
Chained up by days and more days
We follow right behind scratching for more air

But the world never stops for you and me
It will never stop for you and me
And never had stopped before for no one
And you know very well that it will never will

So make the best of what you now have
Breathe deep and never stop dreaming
Because dreams have a way of coming true
If you persist and never give up and be true to yourself.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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