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My SnOw AnGeL

His arms embraced me,
He wrapped me in his wings.
Forever he gently held me,
We forgot life's silly things.
He kissed me with a dazzling glow,
Diamonds drizzled down in the night.
We stood together in the snow,
With such a soft, sparkly light.
He was aware when dark came my way,
He protected me like a guard.
The delicate whispers that he would say,
He loved me with his heart.
Then alarmed with realization,
Of my hand - did he let go?
Was it just my imagination?
I stood there in the snow.
I looked down as an inspection,
From each and every angle.
Turned around and in my eye's reflection,
Stood magically - my snow angel.

         ~DaYnA e. 11/15/02

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My SnOw AnGeL