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 The Vietnam War

Scars in my mind,
souvenirs from a time long past.
Nightly visits to the tomb of a land
gone from the map at last.

Bullets, bombs and flares,
Tracers of red and green light.
Shadows  beyond the wire
in the moonlit night.

Faces long ago captured by death,
still haunt my memory  in every
nightly breath.

Friends,  foe and children,
all had to fall. Day and night
death made its horrendous
 call. It had no preference
 at all.

Blood stains forever remain
on that battle ground and                                      
on the hearts and souls of
all those,  for whom the bells

Thousands of innocent, guilty
and indifferent, all died
in that jungle hole.
The Vietnam war.  

To this day, I still
ponder the effects of  it all,
and wonder how many tears
will fall at the foot of that black
granite wall.

Jackie R. Kays

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