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I see now x


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Let Me....

My immortal blood

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Your Anniversary


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I can breathe under water, I cannot breathe on top,
I cannot feel the wetness, but the drowning I cannot stop,
Shadows protect me from sunlight, sea urchins silence my screams,
The waves give me obstacles, but nothing will defeat my dreams.

All the colour has disappeared, except the midnight blue of me,
And the colour I keep secret, so that no-one else can see,
The stars above they twinkle, but never dormant to enjoy,
As if they don't respect this or just remain coy.

Many things that move are dead, fatal beyond the mind,
This kind of world shows you this, everything of every kind,
The world is your oster, the oster is my world,
As on the bed I rest, no struggle and uncurled.

Naked as the day I was born, or was I born at all,
Did I swim down here, or did I fall?
One day I will reach the surface, my necklace no longer swirled,
But for the moment I choose... to stay trapped in my underworld.

Tara Bennett




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