The Black & White Poet

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error and truth
have not yet faced me in the eye
instead it clings to my back
like a black and white load that
slits me every time I see you
yet, you are not the cause of this load
it is discouragement and wonder
it is the absence of complete truth
...and love that is not always present
you, my love
are you not love and love alone to me?
my curiosity, I know, has touched you
you've seen through these windows
and have glanced at the darkness and light that
collides in my very soul
it's undesirable and disturbing
and I know you must often feel I'm
un-whole and unreal
I know I must test what is true
but because life is unscripted
I am undeniably unprepared

~DaYnA e. 4/12/05

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