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They have patiently watched and waited
Seen the ever quickening rate of change
Seen their kingdoms shrink and dwindle
To an ever more threatened range
Now the Trees of Earth are in converse
Their to human ears inaudible sounds
Are sliding down their root net
That links all the globe around
They talk of deforestation that adds to their pain
From the changing climate and from the acid rain
They are talking of the old ways in the days of Faerie Earth
Before the long departure after the sudden birth
Of the age of mankind the restless savage breed
Grown so quickly from strange exotic alien seed
Scattered from the Comets on their journeys round the Sun
Starting the process than could not easily be undone
Sending Faerie into exile at galaxies alternate edge
But before the leaving making a solemn pledge
To relieve the Trees of Guardianship of the Gaia Mother Earth
And if they are ever needed return to the cradle of their birth
Now the message has been written the converse net all deployed
Return oh return most quickly
Ere Mother be destroyed
The coming is awaited
Of the ancient friends
For a time of new beginnings
In place of certain ends

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