Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god


Just so odd,
Are you back there
Staring at my neck,
Or staring at the table;
You're there.

I'm over here,
I'm plainly in my world.
Hello, I've faded
Back and forth
From once to twice.
There is a thrice
To come later on.

I'm in my place,
Stifling a sneeze or cough,
Some ailment of the day.
Slapped in the face
By your smile.

You're placed here beside
My timeline, my chart.
You've punctured a hole
In my life
But neglected to
Do the necessary patchwork
To make sure my soul
Doesn't do a disappearing act.

Nearby lies the truth
Of your feelings.

In a foreign land,
With a foreign policy
Over the conveying of feelings.

My feelings are under the
Soil of that destination.

There is nearby,
In that corner
Where your feelings
Lie in a puddle.

The placement of you and I
Here, one table away.
Aware, suddenly of
The darting of the eyes of others
And the jumping of conclusions,
The failing contemplation,
And the eventual meltdown
Of emotionality, which
In the end, leads to
The archaeological discovery of
A theme in life.

Because you're boring holes
In the back of my neck.
You took the time
To do so much.

I still feel like we
Haven't done enough.

April 26, 2005

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