Shake Her

They try to preach me words of wisdom,
but they drive down in my mind
try to tell me where to go at night,
to find that girl I like
and the truth is never justified
Like a stranger always is
while we suck face in a corner room
The hats are passed around
and they play the game cooperatively
This society's trendy ways
just to find out who goes home at night
put bets on who gets laid
But me, I'm just a sorry man
It hurts me bad to see
My face thats lost its golden lite
that they I.V.d from me
From taking looks of suicide
sitting so comfy
Till subscribing to the bar room fight
and I just love to bleed
When Heavens lost its shinning glow
and angers run away
and Love is just an empty word
while sorrows prescribed for free
A Doctor pulls the plug on life
and his patient toughs it out
To fill a title with a set of eyes
just another filthy lie

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