Self Prescribed Cloudiness

A bed, of peroxide glory
with supplements, in his chest
Only, a ghost time story
that had to change its meaning at the end
And, one hit is pain
while the second makes you numb
No difference of tricks that cross each road
While morning time, swims
The sky has took on lightning
Its too much s--t to make it, make sense
Birds all fly, important life's to breed on
Its trouble you depend on, in the end
A f--ked up way, I'm drawing a kind of pay check,
with no one to believe in at my end

She wants to be, the kind that he could live with
No room to make him quiver, make believe
Stardust falls, and shoots out shots of morphine
A cloud that doesn't get it, lets it by
And all my life, Ive been the one to hold to,
wont screw, that wont go through, I'm just plain
Digest my mind, and see that nothing really matters,
no love I wanna hold to, kill my name
And multiply, with lands that have no humans
Just an ocean we can swim in, float to shore

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