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A Bottle of Sweet Dreams

In a bottle of red wine, there
are many thing you can find!
But my friend, it's not peace
of mind.

Broken promises, lost dreams of
a life time, names and faces
you can not recall and
songs that no longer seem
to rhyme.

Dirty bus stations, train yards,
highways and byways,
concrete bridges shelter
by night and day.

Garbage cans, stranger's
hand, breakfast out of
a tin can.

A cardboard sign, begging a
nickel or dime, for another
bottle of sweet red wine.

Passerby's wonder why,
but he doesn't notice, for
he lives in a bottle, where
eventually he will die.

A bottle of sweet dreams,
and a life in a Nightmare.

Jackie r. kays
© 05

Note:  We've all seen this person, sometime,
somewhere in our lives. I often wonder how his
life got to this point. I think; does he deserve
my pity, my compassion? I am 72 years old, and I've
come to the conclusion that this is just the way things
are and always will be!

A Bottle of Sweet Dreams



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