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The Great American Southwest

Sand colored boulders--
Worn smooth by wind and ancient oceans
Piled atop each other like discarded toys-

The oceans now moved by eons of rising,
Shifting continents in some eternal dance
Of which we see only a step

Vast expanse of flat dry open space
Defined by a distant murky horizon
And green dots of sage and desert scrub pine

Rugged, rocky mountains
Inhabited by lone eagles
And solitary wolves

Sudden bursts of desert oak and wild trees
In little low arroyos where scarce water flows
And rabbits hide from coyotes

Yuccas and Saguaros and rattle snakes and lizards
And desert mice and endless sunrises and endless sunsets
And some winter rain and much summer heat

And long desert nights
Where you can reach up
And grab a handful of stars.