Beautiful Disaster

Can you see me

Can you see me?
Do you know that I am here?
Can you see my eyes fill up with tears
As you grasp her hand
And do you see me run
When you pull her close
Whispering you love her so
I fall
Short of breath
Can't see
Can't hear
Can't think
You consume my body
You're all that I see
All that I hear
All that I think
Like an addiction
I can't be free
Without you I die
You've captured me
I'm under your spell now
Let go of me
Remove this curse you've put upon me
You have a girl
You don't want me
So stop making me suffer
Stop making me hurt
Set me free
Why can't you see
Right now I would rather be dead
Then live a life without you
My life would be better nonexistent
Then spent longing for you
You will never see me, will you?
And you will never know what you do
((But I forgive you))

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