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We live in a world of high technology. A world of computers...
To transplant surgery and space travel.
Yet we also live in a pervading atmosphere of mystery and magic.
Over 400 years ago the seer and astrologer (Michel de Nostredame)...better known as Nostradamus (1503-1566) composed four line verses (Quatrains) in his collective works called 'Centuries'
As a tribute to this remarkable man, I have attempted to recapture his forgotten craft.

Poetic Quatrain (49)

Whirlpool Thames is like a lense.
Cracks to the core opens the door.
Steamed cleaned crystal houses fall silent.
Hot molten rocks hits the spot.

Poetic Quatrain (52)

Guilded Germanic Gold from Saxony.
Human Beings are made of flesh and bone.
Blood & stone is your throne.
Fate already sealed in Common Fields.

Poetic Quatrain (51)

Empires fall in empty halls.
Piles of dead lay upon your head.
Nations dept is laid amongst tearful alabaster statues.
Roses of remembrances grow in foreign fields awaking the grateful dead.

Poetic Quatrain (6)

Abomination by Domination.
You wear it well.
Star-bursting clouds are so bright.
The By-lands are approaching.

Poetic Quatrain (5)

True occurrence of our sea.
Is insistent upon knowledge.
Visual light is so bright.
Spare Mary Pythagoras theorems of Trigometric functions.

Poetic Quatrains (18)

Devils truths are worn out.
It is worth time pondering upon new value systems.
Golden rules are hard to find.
Could you truth or dare to bare.

Copyright Hud 2010-2012. Writer/Poet/Philosopher, All rights reserved worldwide.

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