Sun Chair

Theres a squeaking in the winds blow,
a banging, by the oceans tow
Its taken for granted, how the wheels roll,
and were spun round in circles
sinking down below
Theres a Sun that shines,
but I cannot see
A little boy that cries,
but Ive forgotten why
And swimming in suffocations
all a parasite
And dreaming these visions,
brings me back to life
Like I'm passed out forever
by the pool side
Nothings staying sober
except the oceans tide
A gal who wants my love,
and she cant remember why
The only drug I want,
is the ultimate high
Food can make you full
Its all painted in minds
Love can seem so silly,
when it don't obied
And I obey the pictures,
that I take inside
And a clown pulls me over
for a DUI
So tell me I'm stupid,
just some f--ked up name
watching a boat pass
in some empty land
Clouds hang over my shoulder,
and they just ware me out
Tears pour down my river,
and my souls dropped out
Killing me a heart,
is a physco path
Beating like a DJ,
who has spun my past
Now I'm on the dirt,
cause the road has end
holding out my thumb,
to try and start again

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