Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Land of the free?

Is it really a fight for freedom
When we send troops
To slaughter a bunch of people?

I wonder how many were
Unarmed as they were murdered
For someone's pompous freedom.

I ponder the pain
Of dying for a family
That will remember you forever,
But a country
That has already started to forget.

And a war in the name of God
Is not a war in the name of God.

It's a war in the name of bullsh!t.
We're supposed to feel good about that?

How many of us are ever really free?
My individually is attacked daily.

America allows people to fear for their lives,
Allows them to think they're free
Without giving them the benefits of being free.
Allows them to be led around,
Blind and on a leash
By a bush who kills the greenery of life
While living his not

Listening to the littler people
Who yell the loudest and tells us
“My fellow Americans,”
While looking down his nose at us
And knowing that that vacant stare
Is all we'll ever get from him.

It almost makes me laugh while I'm in tears.

July 5, 2005

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Land of the free?

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