Beautiful Disaster


For so many years
I have labored and labored
To create this huge gigantic wall
Around myself
So I won't ever have to get hurt
After so long things started getting kinda boring
I decided to take a field trip to the other side of the wall
I made a small hole in the wall
And went exploring
I decided that things weren't that bad
And I could probably visit the outside of the wall more often
And as the visits to the other side of the wall became more frequent
The small hole grew
But I figured it was no big deal
Because If I ever was in real danger
I could run back into the protection of my wall
And patch the small hole right up
Little did I know
That there were little monsters
Attacking my wall when I was away
Such as
The monster of love
The monster of hate
The monster of depression
The monster of memories
The monster of tears
When I ran back to my wall in need of protection
There was nothing there but rubble
From a fallen wall
I quickly started to pick up the pieces to rebuild my wall
When the pain struck me
And I fell
The last thing I remember were my friends
Forming a wall around me
And as they formed this wall they said
"We will be your wall
We will catch you when you fall
So stand tall now
Stand tall"
When the pain had gone
I began to rebuild my wall thinking
I can never again go to the outside of my wall
Although my friends are so welcoming
And will not get hurt again
Even though its so boring in that wall, alone
That's when I realized that I had a choice
I could live my life a coward
And hide behind a wall build up with fear
Alone, secluded from the rest of the world
For my entire life
And POSSIBLY be safe
Or I can keep the wall down and live
knowing pain will come and go
And it will hurt
But I will have someone to turn to when it comes.
"We will be your wall
We will catch you when you fall
So stand tall now
Stand tall"

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