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 Dark Corners

I still look for you here,
Although i don't understand what I'm looking for,
Or exactly where to look,
Eternally unsure,
Do you roam the house at night?
Do you fly the midnight skies?
Do you glide along with the breathing wind?
Or sleep in your children's eyes,
You often visit my dreams,
We kiss and state our love,
A gentle touch and sentimental glance,
And then your called back by the angel's above,
I awake still dazed,
Yet that empty feeling is still inside,
It was all a dream,
You have really died.
But although the nights are darker,
As my pillow absorbs my tears,
I feel an invisible light enter our room,
And strip me of my fears,
I look for you again,
Beyond the puddles on my lashes,
Are my eyes playing tricks on me?
Or am I actually seeing flashes?
The darkest places of all,
Are the four corners of our room,
That is where i often crawl to,
And pray for my doom,
Flashes brighten every corner,
With a restricted unwelcoming hand,
And in the brightest corner of all the four...
That is where you stand.

Tara Bennett

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