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Irrevocably finally totally she is gone from my life
The realisation coming like the twisting of the knife
In that throbbing wound she has made of my mind
So that try as I may I really cannot hope to find
The compassion to wish her joy with any grace
To be happy with he who has taken my place
I've burnt all her pictures torn her letters in two
Hack sawed the signet ring she gave me right through
I would tear up her underwear set her all her clothing on fire
Sit broodingly by their funeral pyre
But she is gone from my life moved her effects away
So I can't really have my just revenge day
Feeling used
And abused
I'll howl to the wind bitter tears of real salt
Drowning my sorrows with one last single malt
The rest of that bottle I will pour it away
She gave it to me on a happier day
Then she is gone from my life and out of my head
Filed in that part reserved for memories of the dead
She is gone she is empty she is not whole
No longer the being who captured my soul
I may see her body walking the street
May come a time when we have to meet
And I may smile at her  but never with good grace
And I'll wish a pox on the man who's taken my place

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