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That animal is watching me showing canine fear
They always seem to know when one of us is near
It must be those old instincts for no matter how we try
They are always so very aware when one of us walks by
Species retained memory maybe or some such similar thing
From when we fought with them for survival for our very being
In evolution they are stagnant while we have moved on
At least they have survived with so many species gone
Now we are watching and waiting for that time when we can
Beat offspring of our common forebears the now ascendant man
We lost that first battle
So many eons ago
But we are a race of patience
And time moves slow
Our enemy is losing capacity
The time is nearly right
As his new science replaces many
Of his ancient sights
Wiping all his ancient instincts
All his survival fear
They no longer have the recall
Have forgotten we are here
They beat us back in history
But that is so long past
The omens are all showing
It is near our time at last
And we are ready to move from lordship of the night
Ready to assume our true place out there in the light
We have never ever left you we were always there
We are the Ancient Shape Shifters from your worst nightmares

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