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Imminent Rebirth

There's an air of unreality in the woods tonight
Branches swishing moving stirring in the so still
Breezeless air each leaf seeming to send its own
Song out to world with a sense of joy and thrill
Their message being passed and repassed
Through the great arboreal global net
The Realm of Faerie has responded
To the call and are on their way yet
Those great ice ships
Of vacuum space
Accelerating fast
In the great race
To save the mother
To rescue this earth
Stealthily working
Towards a rebirth
They are coming across galaxies
From the   Universe's other end
Folding the hyper space spiral
Exploiting every flaw and bend
They are coming steadily slowly
Immortality has a time scale of its own
But surely they are coming and then
The trees will no longer watch alone
This time they have learned
They will treat if they can
Only in the ultimate will Faerie
Overturn the rule of man
There is a sense in the woods tonight
An air of hope that once more
The two kingdoms can exist
As they once did before
And maybe just maybe
After the rebirth
Those dragon riders will
Once again grace this Earth

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