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Catching Feelings

I don't think there is one word to describe
All the changes that go on inside
Everytime you see them you get a tingle in your spine
When you hear them speak, your stomach gets butterflies
Just to be in the same room as them is your only wish
And your only hope is to get a small kiss
You get a giddy feeling that you cant change
Everytime that you hear that one name
Whether its that person or not doesn't mean a thing
Cause the name alone makes your legs turn to string
And almost everything you encounter you can quickly relate
To this person when your in this mind state
When your talking to your friends every other thing you say
Is about this person in some way
From what they like, to what they wear, to when they have class
And even what they had for lunch three days past
You try to add them to every internet service you can name
Like facebook, myspace, xanga, and aim
Posting comments on pictures and reading full profiles
Even if they say the same thing all the while
Posting bulletins in your myspace saying “I have a crush”
And leaving cute messages like “I <3 you” and such
Giving compliments on both piercing and tattoos
And saying you would get one, knowing you would never go through
Any time you get to spend with them you take the chance
Even if you wouldn't do it under any other circumstance
Like watching them play video games and old karate flicks
Or seeing the latest romantic comedy and shopping at hot topic
And when your spending time with them, all worries disappear
You feel only joy and happiness, never sadness or fear
Like your in a world without frustration or stressing
From all the feelings you are catching

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Catching Feelings

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