Beautiful Disaster


What should I do?
Who can I turn to?
When this pain is just to much to bare
Who will be there to say they care?
How will I know
Where to go?
I wondering aimlessly
Head down, shamefully
Trying to hold this inside
Trying to stay low and hide
Carrying unneeded burden on my back
Losing strength, that I lack
Stumbled down the path I chose
With scraped knees and stubbed toes
Calling out to anyone who passes by
Feels like no one hears my cry
People see me, I know they do
But do they really see me, or just see right through?
Am I just another body taking up space
Or am I a special case?
Will I ever get out of this mess?
Or at least reduce it to a lot less?
I will find my way!
Just maybe not today.

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