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thunder and lightning

Thunder and lightning
comes rolling in our view
without a sign
and without our consent
listen to the thunder rolling
is it the angels bowling
or is it God talking to us
just listen and see for yourself

look at the lightning
and watch it at work
the beauty and power
just watch it unfold

thunder and lightning
into the night and early morning
ready to strike at anything
comes without warning

God is letting us know
that we have done something wrong
so its up to us to fix it
before another human goes

thunder and lightning
are two deadly things
combined cause even more
damage then the eye can see

don't fear what we can't handle
thunder and lightning is something from above
the only thing we can do
is trust in God's love

So look up to him
when you see the lightning
and hear his call
when the thunder starts rolling

Heave his warning
and don't fear his call
for he is here to help
one and all.

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thunder and lightning

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