Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Fail: to miss success

You must be my test in life,
I continually fail.
My fault,
Perhaps attention isn't being paid well enough.

The water well has broken.
I am awash
In the water known
As your raw tension.

And hot damn, it's drowning me.

Fastly fading into blankness.
There is nothing but black,
Darkness sucking my essence,
Dying my body color dead
And suffocating my spark.

My inspiration drains of sense,
Suddenly, there is nothing
But a pile of tearful flesh,
Soul emerging to Home.

Will I be sent back once more?

If yes,
What's the purpose?
If no,
What the hell?

My truncated failings,
They wane but wax
In a moment of panic
And scare awake a
Deadness that has been asleep
Too long.

The weight is lifted; I can feel you again.

So why have these failings resurfaced
To bite me again?

And why are you throwing dysfunction in my face?

September 21, 2005

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Fail: to miss success

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