The Prize I Least Deserved!

I wrote this for my wife knowing she was the greatest prize of all.

I've taken part in games and sport,
I've crossed many a winning line.
I've battled hard to win a race,
Knowing the prize was mine!

I've triumphed much against the odds
When my chances were less than nil.
I've come up trumps, when all seemed lost
At the bottom of a long steep hill.

I've fought and won when the price was right!
I've worn the victor's crown.
I worked really hard to achieve all of this,
Not letting many folks down.

Yet the prize I least deserved was you;
My darling, my sweet wife.
You gave me love and you gave me hope,
To last me all of my life!

Copyright Revised 2009 Robert Cartwright-Davidson

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The Prize I Least Deserved!

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