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He may have been different.
He may have been bad.
He may have scared You.
So who's fault is that;
That You were afraid?

I don't know and,
I don't care anyway.
It's all your fault.
That You were scared.
I'm not that way anyway.

You didn't ever believe.
Not one word I ever said.
And I can't stand;
To feel the knife.
That You use to slay all Your prey.
I'm not gonna be the next victim;
To Your system. It's a price.
One that I wont pay.
Just to play this game tonight.

The night is a constant escape.
One from all this hell.
The user's on the street.
Sit back and watch the show.
I think You'll like the next scene,
coming up on the cue.
Trust me, it could be You.
The next Jimmy Dean.
The next Marilyn Monroe.
Sit back and watch the show.

The more Your accustom,
The more You begin To know.
Just what's within Your sights.
Straight-up stranger.
Who's it gonna be tonight?
The next victim, to the system.
You've got it down by now, don't you?

I'm just waiting for the time.
That You take 1 step;
To far across this line.
Damn; It's a trap.
You took it to far.
It's a trap. Your caught.
I knew You'd take it to far.

You ain't worth a dime.
Who cares? Go do another line.
Your spacin, see-in things;
Like You ain't never thought you would.

Then You catch a glimpse;
Of Yourself in the mirror.
Though You don't recognize,
The face that You see.
The eyes staring back;
Their staring at you.
Take it for what it worth.
You know it's all true.
It's all the price,
It's what it takes;
You have to pay to play these games.


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