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I remember the feeling

I am here
In this dark dimension
I can still taste the liquor
On my lips
So seductive
My stomach feels guilty
I don't want to just remember
          But I can't recollect the feeling
Of excitement
The old excitement I'd get
That'd make me vomit
You're standing right in front of my face
And the angel next to me is pushing my shoulder
So I can see what is behind you
I'm so blind
We stand on railroad tracks
Either the train comes
Or splits
The time is drawing near
And I don't want to move you
Baby, I know your not deep
But you must grasp this reality
          I can't recollect the feeling
Of utter butterflies
Or the flavor of happiness
My world isn't revolving
And my choice is almost due,
I must remember that my decision can never expire

God, please
          I can't recollect the feeling
Of anticipation. Or joy.
I'm spinning aimlessly in the same spot
Uncertain and bleeding
          I can't recollect the feeling
And the time is peeling
I need healing

~DaYnA e. 11/7/05

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I remember the feeling